Each semester, the members of Kappa Alpha Theta strive to earn excellent grades and uphold our chapter’s history of academic excellence. Thetas at SMU can be found in the prestigious Cox School of Business, the challenging pre-med program at the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, and in almost every other college and program on campus. Each semester, we hold a Scholarship Banquet to acknowledge the members who have achieved academic excellence. Out of all Greek women at SMU, two of the three women with cumulative 4.0 GPAs are Beta Sigma Thetas. 

Theta is very fortunate to have a faculty advisor who embodies academic excellence in all of her own successes.  Mrs. Abigail Pruitt is a clinical associate professor in SMU's School of Education and Human Development, and graduated from SMU where she was also a Theta herself.  Mrs. Pruitt visits our chapter at least once a semester to give us invaluable advice and encouragement, which we are deeply grateful for.